Off the beaten track. The Isle stands in the English Channel, just off Weymouth. Sometimes. It has a habit of disappearing suddenly, making it the ideal secluded holiday destination.

Old fashioned charm. Since Larus is set permanently in the 18th century, there is no traffic, no aircraft, no pollution, no crowds. The only way to get here is by sailing boat – the perfect relaxing start to your visit. Dig out your tricorne hat and join in the fun!

Excitement. For the more adventurous visitor, there is plenty to do. Strange events happen daily. Would you like to encounter a fleet of completely impossible ships? Or a pirate chased by a vengeful waterspout? This is the place to find them. You’ll never be bored on Larus.

Highly Recommended. Visitors tell us they’d like to stay here forever, and you can’t give higher praise than that. You won’t find us on TripAdvisor, but some people do leave lovely reviews on Amazon.

Great value. You can visit Larus for just £1.99. No queues, no crush, no passport necessary. Truly the perfect holiday. Smiles guaranteed.

Visit the Isle of Larus, the English Channel’s best-kept secret.

The Larus Series