My post on books for older readers – Mature Adults – a New Genre – attracted a good deal of attention. The next question, then, is what sort of books should we include in such a genre?PhotoFunia-1509451558

When I think of the Young Adults genre, the books that come to mind straight away are the Twilight series and The Hunger Games. There are many more, of course, and they are not all vampire or sci-fi stories, although those have been immensely popular.

So what do Mature Adults prefer to read? I must admit my first thought is of rather sweet, unthreatening romances set in the past. Is that out of date? Well, no – books of that type are still around. I was asked to review one last year, and I was staggered at the author’s vast and loyal following, and equally vast sales. Very well – so plucky World War II heroines holding the fort until their chaps come home is one aspect of the Mature Adults genre.

But I think, too, that the wider historical novel genre goes down well with older readers. And not just fiction, either – historical biographies also seem to be popular. I have just finished reading Amanda Foreman’s Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire. It’s the sort of book you need to take your time over, and I doubt I would have had the leisure to deal with it when I was younger.

These are just the examples that come to mind from my own experience – and you can probably think of many others.

Should there be more books aimed at the older reader? Do we need our own genre? It would be naïve to think that publishers (certainly the larger ones) don’t consider this demographic – there are an awful lot of us, after all, and increasing by the day. What do publishers think Mature Adults want to read? And do the Mature Adults themselves agree with them? What books should be on every Mature Adult’s reading list? I’d love to know.


Ready soon for discerning readers of all ages…

Whales and Strange Stars

A stunning mystery in the tradition of Jamaica Inn. When a sea captain passes through the forgotten port of Wych Ferry and whiles away an hour at the Tradewinds Inn relating his traveller’s tales to young Rosamund Euden, he has no idea of the dramatic events he has set in action. Adventure, secrets and betrayal in the marshlands of 18th century Kent.

To be published by Crooked Cat Books, 16 January, 2018