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This is the final little story about the Reverend Pontius to celebrate the release of my novella Call of the Merry Isle.

The Wrong Path?

The Reverend Pontius had always considered regrets to be a serious self-indulgence. Why waste valuable time on choices that could not be changed? And yet… And yet, here he was in the early hours, wondering about the might-have-beens in just the way he promised himself he wouldn’t. He was thinking about the woman he might have married, the family they might have had. ‘Would that have been a joy – or a burden, I wonder?’ he said aloud to the bed-post. The care of others tended to be both, as he knew from his years as a minister. The bedpost declined to offer an opinion.

But the night-thought was persistent, even when morning came. Had he made the wrong choices, all those years ago? That other life he might have lived plagued him as he attacked his breakfast egg, lurked under the duster as he polished the pews, and tried to barge its way into the sermon he was working on.

‘Enough!’ he said, at last. ‘I cannot change the past, and the future will be what it will. I can only accept that the Spirit chose this path for me, and that the Spirit is always right. The subject is closed.’

Nonetheless, he scribbled a note in the margin saying, ‘Spirits; possibility of being wrong. Investigate.’

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