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24 July, 2017  The writer’s life: spending hours trying to imagine what it’s like being locked in a cellar that’s slowly filling with water…

19 July, 2017. I’m now reading Rose Tremain’s Music and Silence. Such a beautifully written book with a wonderful atmosphere.

4 July, 2017. Have now clattered through the 10,000 word barrier on my new novel. This is the point (for me) when the book starts to look like more than just a rough collection of ideas. This one is a sequel (to Whales and Strange Stars, to be published by Crooked Cat later this year).

30 June, 2017. Odd things you discover as a writer: consider the phrase ‘hoity-toity’ – it looked perfect when I put it into the mouth of my 18th century character. But when I checked, I found it had a different meaning in those days – silly or flighty, rather than the modern meaning of self-important and pompous. Not the same thing at all, so out it had to come again.

29 June, 2017. Having enjoyed the TV series, I’m now reading Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. It takes more than a few liberties with history (have you seen what Lord M really looked like?) but it’s a pleasant read.