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The Larus Series

“I loved the quirky characters and the wonderful sense of mayhem the author creates.”

 “I spent many hours on long train trips with my Kindle chuckling to myself to the amusement of fellow travellers.”

If you like to read a tale with a smile on your face, you couldn’t do better than set your feet and mind upon the Isle of Larus.”

In paperback and ebook formats. Published by Crooked Cat. 

Isle of Larus Buy here   Sea of Clouds Buy here  All the Wild Weather Buy here


It's easy to be taken for a Muggington...

Mr Muggington’s Discovery and Other Stories

Available in paperback only

More than forty quirky tales, each one a little gem of story-telling. In these pages you will meet incompetent criminals, gasp at unfortunate accidents, marvel at strange creatures, boggle at the inexplicable, shudder at the unpredictability of fate and shake your head at people’s capacity for sheer self-delusion. More than likely you’ll be smiling, too.

“Read and marvel at this gallery of quirky characters.”

Mr Muggington’s Discovery and Other Stories Buy here