Quirky Romance


I had often wondered if I could write a romance; you know – one of those little read-in-an-afternoon ones – and so I did the obvious thing and gave it a try. I’m nothing if not fearless. Written under the pseudonym of Katie Behenna, the result was an e-book novella – Summer at the Sea Poppy Café. It was great fun to write, and needless to say, it’s a little quirky. It’s a short book, so I sell it at just 99p. But it was written with love!

SeaPoppyCoverWhat is it about?

When divorcee Zoe Honeybourne is offered a summer job at the Sea Poppy Café in idyllic Golden Cove there is only one cloud on the horizon – her predatory brother-in-law Garrett and her estranged sister Lissa who live nearby. Quite enough to cope with, and romance is certainly not on the menu. Zoe settles down to work – and to decide her future. Keeping Garrett at bay proves difficult though, and when she tries to use gorgeous fisherman Liam as a decoy, things soon become very complicated indeed. Can the Sea Poppy Café work its magic and make everything come right?


What do other readers say?

“Engaging characters, a good story and an easy to read style of writing. A perfect afternoon read with a mug of coffee”


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