Quirky Tales Series – beautiful illustrated books

These unique illustrated quirky stories came to be when I made the decision to write only what I loved. I love plants, so each section was inspired by a different wild flower or herb. Over 20 charming black-and-white illustrations per book.


The Herbarium

Some very odd people begin to gather at the Hartstongue Inn, deep in the forest. But who are they, why are they there – and what secrets to they have to hide? The Herbarium reveals its unique mysteries one by one…


The Chesil Apothecary

Inspired by the stark beauty and wild flowers of Chesil Beach, this is the story of a wandering ‘plant whisperer’ – and the startling magical secrets that follow him along the shingle…

Dropwort Hall

When the mysterious Mr Sallow and his companion Crowfoot the Ape arrive at the neglected Dropwort Hall, they soon cure the old place of its ills, from smoky chimneys to the moping sickness in the sheep flock. Everything is running like clockwork until a series of unexplained deaths strikes the household. Is the ancient Curse of Dropwort Hall responsible, or is it murder? The ever-efficient Mr Sallow sets out to discover the truth. But is he being too clever for his own good? The answers can all be found in this delightful, plant-inspired magical murder mystery.

All three books are available from veneficiapublications.com or can be ordered from Waterstones.