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“So you’re a writer, people say. And in what genre, they ask, knowledgeably. Dread question. Well, I say, after a long pause, I write fantasy. Sort of. My stories are usually mysteries, so you could categorise them that way, too. With quite a touch of the magical, definitely magical. These days, I add, I often illustrate them, too. Usually with plant designs. I see, says the enquirer, now thoroughly confused. I do have an eye for the quirky, I add, unhelpfully.

Well, yes, perhaps that’s it – quirkiness is the common factor in all my stories and artwork. So perhaps I’ll just call it the Quirky Genre – and becoming ever quirkier, I reckon. It’s a label I can live with.”

3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Barbara Thompson said:

    Hi Kathy

    I was looking for a genre for my first book (A Tall Tale from The Humble Palace) and it just doesn’t fit any of them. Is it quirky to write before thinking of a market? I even checked out Wikipedia and to my surprise there is a genre under comedy called ‘Tall Tale’, which would suit very well but it’s not on the Amazon list.

    Anyway, I would just like to say that after reading a few of your articles I really identify with your quirkiness, so refreshing. My stories also feature boats, having lived and sailed on the south coast most of my life. A miscalculation of funds available after a year afloat left me and the family unable to afford to live by the sea, so we went to the hills of Mid Wales instead. I have found myself in Middle Earth!

    I look forward to reading your new book, Barbara


    • kathysharp2013 said:

      Barbara, I think it’s absolutely natural to write whatever you like without considering the genre. It’s a pity, really, that we have to shoehorn our stories into these unnatural groups just because Amazon says we must. I’m still looking for a genre for my first three novels! It sounds as though you’ve had as much fun messing about in boats as I have, by the way.


  2. Love this post, Kathy. Yes, go with the ‘Quirky’ genre. It works delightfully well 🙂


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