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Kathy Says:AuthorPortraitKathySharp

“So you’re a novelist, people say. Yes, I say, I am. And in what genre, they ask, knowledgeably. Dread question. Well, I say, after a long pause – I write fantasy. Sometimes. Or historical. My stories are usually mysteries, so I suppose you could categorise them that way, too. With a touch of the magical. I see, says the enquirer, now utterly confused.

I do have an eye for the quirky, I add unhelpfully. Well, yes, perhaps that’s it. Quirkiness is the common factor in all my books and stories. A touch odd. Quaintish. So in future perhaps I’ll just tell people my work falls into the Quirky Genre. It’s a label I can live with. So here on this site I shall collect together all the quirky things that influence my writing – places, people, boats, books, whatever catches my eye.

Do have a look round all the pages and join me in the world of the slightly surreal.”


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